17 Conference Report #techonomy17

Reckoning With the New Hegemonists


  • From left: Mark Mahaney of RBC Capital Markets, Dave Morgan from Simulmedia, and The University of Alabama's Joyce Vance in conversation with David Kirkpatrick. Photo Credit: Paul Sakuma Photography


Mark Mahaney
Managing Director, Internet, RBC Capital Markets

Dave Morgan
Chief Executive Officer, Simulmedia, Inc.

Joyce Vance
Distinguished Visiting Lecturer in Law, The University of Alabama


David Kirkpatrick
Founder and CEO, Techonomy

Session Description: Amazon, Facebook, and Google are a new breed of global giant, with extraordinary social, political, and economic weight, now coming under rapidly growing scrutiny. Silicon Valley has set itself a high bar claiming it improves the world, presuming trust from consumers and regulators. In this climate, can that last? Do tech giants face an existential crisis?

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