Techonomy NYC May 17, 2017

Program Overview

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Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx chats with Bloomberg’s Megan Murphy at Techonomy NYC in 2016.

NYC RegisterTechonomy NYC is a distilled day-long home-town version of our annual November flagship conference in California. The provocative and forward-looking yet accessible conversations aim to assist managers and leaders in all fields in understanding the vast changes washing over society because of tech.

Tech is rapidly changing and impacting every sector of society and the economy, often in ways we do not yet fully understand. Even world-shifting developments like the recent US election and BREXIT are deeply affected by tech-driven change. The expanding digital economy is transforming communities and ecosystems in all kinds of ways. The way we work is changing. Finance, media, manufacturing, transportation, education, agriculture – no industry is spared. We even go to war fundamentally differently.

So what is tech’s role, both as an enabler and as a tool? What responsibilities do those in the tech industry have to society? Can we make “tech” less scary? Will it create or destroy jobs? How does it change every industry, particularly those like media, finance, and marketing centered in New York? How should we understand the evolution of burgeoning tools like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and AR and VR? Join us for a no-holds-barred, big-picture exploration of how tech is transforming business and society.

Techonomy NYC is produced in conjunction with Techonomy Health, taking place the previous day, May 16, at Convene located in Midtown Manhattan, NY.

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