Techonomy NYC May 17, 2017

About Techonomy NYC

Techonomy NYC is a distilled one-day home-town version of our annual November flagship conference in California. The provocative and forward-looking yet accessible conversations aim to assist managers and leaders in all fields in understanding the
vast changes washing over society because of tech. If you want to understand how your organization can leverage the extraordinary advances tech makes possible, Techonomy is for you.

On May 17 in New York we’ll bring together innovators, policymakers and insurgent entrepreneurs to explore how advances in technology are shaping the future. You can check out our confirmed speakers here.

Tech is rapidly changing and impacting every sector of society and the economy, often in ways we do not yet fully understand. Even world-shifting developments like the recent US election and BREXIT are deeply affected by tech-driven change. The expanding digital economy is transforming communities and ecosystems in all kinds of ways. The way we work is changing. Finance, media, manufacturing, transportation, education, agriculture – no industry is spared. We even go to war fundamentally differently.

So what is tech’s role, both as an enabler and as a tool? What responsibilities do those in the tech industry have to society? Can we make “tech” less scary? Will it create or destroy jobs? How does it change every industry, particularly those like media, finance, and marketing centered in New York? How should we understand the evolution of burgeoning tools like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and AR and VR? Join us for a no-holds-barred, big-picture exploration of how tech is transforming business and society.



GE’s Beth Comstock on the New Corporation and the Promise of Digital Business
General Electric is among the few global giants that has embraced the potential of a digitized society with gusto. GE Vice Chairman Comstock oversees sales and marketing, growth and innovation, and even runs GE’s lighting division. She is a visionary on how digital tools help companies restructure and drive progress forward. Few New Yorkers are having a greater impact

Dan Doctoroff on Cities, Innovation, and How We Will Live
Doctoroff is CEO of Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs and served as Deputy Mayor of New York under Mayor Mike Bloomberg. He’s a leading expert on cities in a technologized age, and how communities can and will change as we go ever more digital.

Trump, Tech, and our Challenges
Andrew Rasiej, founder of the Personal Democracy Forum, explains why he is deeply worried and what he thinks needs to happen now.

How Will We Manage and Regulate Drones?
A short presentation by Gregory McNeal, co-founder, Airmap (whose software is already in use for this purpose at some airports).

Designing the Future
How are companies, innovators, and the creative community rethinking the role of design in modern business? Design now means not just how something looks, but how an organization feels and operates. How will it change your company and your life?

Miguel McKelvey, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer, WeWork
Ernesto Quinteros, Chief Design Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Doreen Lorenzo, Director for the Center for Integrated Design, University of Texas at Austin

New York IS Tech
The awakened clout of massive global corporations plus capital-rich startups of every shape and size has turned New York’s tech ecosystem into a top center for entrepreneurship and innovation. The city’s astonishing diversity combines with a cornucopia of tech hubs including the Cornell Technion, NYU, Columbia, and a seemingly endless raft of incubators and accelerators. It may now be the world’s best place for creating the future.

Karin Klein, Head of Investing Activities, Bloomberg Beta
Julie Samuels, Executive Director, Tech:NYC
Additional speakers to be announced…

The Automated On-Demand, Gig, Sharing, Itinerant and Uncertain Future of Work
Diana Farrell of the JPMorgan Chase Institute, an economist and former economic advisor to President Barack Obama, joins NYU Professor Arun Sundararajan, author of The On-Demand Economy, to discuss what happens to our jobs, job security, and the economy as efficiency becomes the watchword. Will people bear the brunt of a more efficient society?

Authority in A Networked World
We once conferred authority based on expertise and institutional affiliation. But now everyone’s an expert. With AI going into everything, who will make authoritative decisions? Who will have authority and power in the future?

Rachel Maguire, Research Director, Institute for the Future
Eli Pariser, CEO, Upworthy

Jessi Hempel, Backchannel

Blockchain, Identity, and the Future of Recordkeeping
Blockchain technology presents an opportunity to digitize identity. Such systems could change our concept of citizenship and how individuals receive government services, among other things. How would more robust digital identity affect our security, privacy, and how marketing works?

Melanie Shapiro, CEO and Founder, Case
Meltem Demirors, Director, Development, Digital Currency Group
Additional speakers to be announced…

The Digital, Social Fight Against Terrorism
Terrorists like ISIS use social media and the internet as adeptly and freely as the most good-hearted soul. The consequences have been dire. But now advanced thinkers in digital and social media strategy are going military and the military is going online. How can digital social tools help undermine the appeal and impact of global terrorism?

Oz Sultan, CEO, Sultan Interactive Group
Colonel John Graham, Associate Dean for Research and Chief Scientist, U.S. Military Academy
John Melkon, Center for the Study of Civil-Military Operations, U.S. Military Academy

David Kirkpatrick, Chief Techonomist, Techonomy

Tech in an Age of Insecurity
How does tech factor into our increasingly insecure age? Is it making it worse? What is the tech industry’s role and responsibility? If the democratization of everything contributes to instability, where do we go next? Mark Zuckerberg, expanding on his comments at Techonomy 2016, has penned one point of view in his 5800-word essay about Facebook’s future. How can tech help society tackle its challenges?

Fred Krupp, President, The Environmental Defense Fund
Additional speakers to be announced…

New Strategies for Corporate Innovation
If you’re a large established company, keeping new ideas flowing is paramount when upstarts are barging into every market. What creative strategies are bearing fruit? One is turning to crowdsourcing to support ideas a CFO won’t greenlight. What other secrets and systems for innovation are big companies deploying?

Slava Rubin, CEO, Indiegogo
Additional speakers to be announced…

Additional Speakers Include:


Techonomy NYC is produced in conjunction with Techonomy Health, taking place May 17 at Convene located in Midtown Manhattan, NY.


2017 Schedule
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