Techonomy NYC May 17, 2017

Techonomy NYC explores the entire span of Techonomy’s obsessions, from the search for more effective corporate innovation to the challenges of climate change. We aim to signal as aggressively as we can what might happen next, or at least what smart leaders need to be thinking about. To do that, we seek juxtapositions of speakers and topics that generate sparks and lead to unexpected insights and revelations. We hope our audience at the end walks out with excitement, rethinking how they do their jobs and how their companies ought to operate. To download a document with the current list of topics and speakers at Techonomy NYC, click on the "COMPLETE AGENDA AS PDF" link at the top of this page.

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      David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy
    • 9:00 AM

      Tech in an Age of Insecurity

      Is our technologized, hyper-democratized life actually getting worse? Can tech get us out of this mess? What is the tech industry’s responsibility? Mark Zuckerberg, expanding on his comments at Techonomy 2016, has penned one point of view in his 5800-word essay about Facebook’s future. How can tech help society tackle its challenges?

      David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy
      Fred Krupp, Environmental Defense Fund
      Additional speaker to be announced...
    • 9:40 AM

      The Automated On-Demand, Gig, Sharing, Itinerant, and Uncertain Future of Work

      Diana Farrell, JPMorgan Chase Institute
      Andrea Glorioso, Delegation of the European Union to the USA
      Arun Sundararajan, New York University & Author, "The Sharing Economy"
      Moderator: Peter Petre, Author
    • 10:15 AM

      New York IS Tech

      The awakened clout of massive global corporations and capital-rich startups, of every shape and size, have turned New York’s tech ecosystem into a top center for entrepreneurship and innovation. The city’s diversity combines with a cornucopia of tech hubs including Cornell Technion, NYU, Columbia, and a raft of incubators and accelerators. This may now be the world’s best place for creating the future.

      Karin Klein, Bloomberg Beta
      Julie Samuels, Tech:NYC
      Jake Schwartz, General Assembly
    • 10:50 AM

      How Will We Manage and Regulate Drones?

      Gregory McNeal, AirMap
    • 11:00 AM

      Innovation as Corporate Lifeblood

      If you’re a large established company, keeping new ideas flowing is paramount when upstarts are barging into every market. What creative strategies are bearing fruit? How does the big work with the small? Some big companies are turning to crowdsourcing. How are big companies innovating?

      Max Furmanov, Accenture
      Hari Hariharan, Celestica
      Michael Monahan, Pitney Bowes
      Slava Rubin, Indiegogo
      Moderator: Josh Kampel, Techonomy
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      To Be Announced

    • 12:00 PM

      LUNCH SESSION: Blockchain, Identity, and the Future of Recordkeeping

      Blockchain technology presents a kaleidoscopic range of opportunities. One is to digitize identity, decentralizing recordkeeping so users gain more control over their personal data. Such systems could change our concept of citizenship and how people receive government services, among other things. How would it affect security and privacy? What roles should public and private partners play?

      Daniel Buchner, Microsoft
      Melanie Shapiro, Case
      David Treat, Accenture
      Additional speaker to be announced... Moderator: Meltem Demirors, Digital Currency Group
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      Designing Business and the Future

      Miguel McKelvey, WeWork
      Bre Pettis, Bre & Co.
      Ernesto Quinteros, Johnson & Johnson
      Moderator: Doreen Lorenzo, Vidlet Inc. & The University of Texas at Austin
    • 2:10 PM

      Trump, Tech, and our Challenges

      Andrew Rasiej, founder of the Personal Democracy Forum, explains why he is deeply worried and what he thinks must happen now.

      Andrew Rasiej, Personal Democracy Media & Civic Hall
    • 2:20 PM

      Authority in A Networked World

      Society once conferred authority based on someone’s expertise or institutional affiliation. But now everyone’s an expert. With AI going into everything in the future, who will have authority and the power to make decisions?

      Rachel Maguire, Institute for the Future
      Gary Marcus, NYU & Geometric Intelligence (acquired by Uber)
      Eli Pariser, Upworthy
      Moderator: Jessi Hempel, Backchannel
    • 3:00 PM

      Disrupting Concrete with Code

      What’s the future of the construction industry?

      Tracy Young, PlanGrid
    • 3:10 PM

      A Conversation With...

      John Martin, Turner
    • 3:25 PM

      The Digital, Social Fight Against Terrorism

      Terrorists like ISIS use social media and the internet as adeptly and freely as the most good-hearted soul. The consequences have been dire. But now advanced thinkers in digital and social media strategy are going military and the military is going online. How can digital social tools help undermine the appeal and impact of global terrorism?

      COL John Graham, United States Military Academy
      John Melkon, United States Military Academy
      Oz Sultan, Sultan Interactive Group
      Moderator: David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy
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      To be Announced

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      Thanks and Wrap Up

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