Techonomy Health May 16, 2017

Program Overview


If you’re intrigued by the impact tech will have on the health industry, you must join us at Techonomy Health. If you want to understand how your organization can leverage the advances tech makes possible in health and healthcare, Techonomy is for you.

In May 2017, Techonomy brings together an amazing group of leaders in New York City for an intense two day conversation. The first day, Techonomy Health, will address how a changing healthcare landscape redefines how we think about tech’s role. Techonomy Health is a day-long multidisciplinary dialogue to explore what healthcare can become in a technologized and hyper-connected age. On May 16 in New York we’ll bring together doctors, innovators, policymakers and insurgent entrepreneurs to explore how advances in technology are shaping the future of healthcare, and extending it beyond the walls of doctors’ offices and hospitals into all our lives. This gargantuan industry – $3 trillion annually in just the United States – just happens to be the one where tech is having the greatest short term impact.

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You can’t afford to miss this once-a-year discussion in New York City. Our wide-ranging discussions will span from basic research to how smartphones change the way consumers interact with doctors, and include healthcare visionaries and industry leaders including both the newest startups and CEOs of some of healthcare’s biggest organizations. (Techonomy NYC continues on the following day, May 17.)

Register today and take the first step to understanding the transformational impact tech will have on healthcare.

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Techonomy Health is produced in conjunction with Techonomy NYC, taking place May 17 at Convene located in Midtown Manhattan, NY.

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