Techonomy Health May 16, 2017

Program Overview


If you want to better understand how you and your organization can leverage what tech makes possible in healthcare, Techonomy Health is for you. It’s a wide-ranging day-long conference on Tuesday, May 16th for leaders about how healthcare is changing fast. How will tech shape the future of healthcare and extend it beyond medical institutions into all our lives? We mix doctors, innovators and tech industry experts, medical professionals and policy experts. At our events, we give everyone a voice for a true multidisciplinary dialogue.

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On May 16 in midtown Manhattan speakers will include Esther Dyson, Arianna Huffington, Dr. Dean Ornish, author Dan Munro, Kaiser Permanente Chief Medical Information Officer John Mattison, JPMorgan Chase CMO Kristin Lemkau, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness President Len Greer, Dr. Jill Hagenkord of Color Genomics, Jef Boeke of NYU’s Institute for Systems Genetics, Vice Chancellor at University of Global Health Equity and global health innovator Agnes Binagwaho, as well as the CEOs or founders of Arc Fusion, DisruptionLabs,, Eligible, greyhealth group, HealthPrize Technologies, HealthTap,, Nomad Health, Oscar, Philips North America, Proteus Digital Health, StartUp Health, WebMD.  We also will hear from top leaders from Cleveland Clinic, Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, UNICEF, Bioscribe, and ReD Associates, among others.

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Areas we’ll cover:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Genomics & Synthetic Biology
  • Internet of Things
  • Data-Driven Healthcare
  • Trumpcare, Obamacare and Health Innovation
  • Healthcare’s New Media Challenge
  • The Blockchain’s Impact on Healthcare
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

Questions we’ll discuss:

  • How will digital tools help at both the patient and system level? How do we invest in patient-centric and connected healthcare measured on outcomes?
  • How will AI, data analytics, precision medicine, genomics and CRISPR change the war on cancer?
  • Where are the leaders to help us integrate well-being with business performance?
  • How will data change the quality of care?
  • Will fake news impair health as much as politics?

Plus, Special One-on-one Conversations with:

  • Dr. Dean Ornish, President and Founder, Preventive Medicine Research Institute
  • Agnes Binagwaho, Former Minister of Health, Rwanda, Co-Founder and Vice Chancellor of University of Global Health Equity

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Give us 24 hours – and you’ll leave Techonomy Health with new ways of thinking about tech and how it transforms your business. It will leave you inspired and ready to take action!

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Double your inspiration!   Register for Techonomy NYC (May 17, same venue), where the entire span of Techonomy’s obsessions goes on display, from the search for more effective corporate innovation to the challenges of climate change.