Techonomy Health May 16, 2017

About Techonomy Health

Techonomy Health is a one-day multidisciplinary dialogue to explore what healthcare could become in a technologized and hyper-connected age. If you want to understand how your organization can leverage the extraordinary advances tech makes possible in health and healthcare, Techonomy is for you.

On May 16 in New York we’ll bring together doctors, innovators, policymakers and insurgent entrepreneurs to explore how advances in technology are shaping the future of healthcare and extending it beyond the walls of doctors’ offices and hospitals into all our lives. You can check out our confirmed speakers here.

We’ll tackle connected healthcare, the impact of digital technology and how care and business models are evolving rapidly. We’ll look at the impact that the cloud, artificial intelligence, analytics, the Internet of Things and the increased use of genetic data have in creating a more efficient healthcare system.

Can we ensure that new technologies lead to patient-centric healthcare? How will healthcare systems and providers change? How will we manage the data explosion? What are the security and privacy risks? What’s the state of a move towards value-based healthcare, in which doctors get paid based on how healthy they keep people? Where should we expect patient resistance? How can the many players in American healthcare better cooperate? How will Trumpcare, or whatever it becomes, affect this landscape?




A Conversation with Arianna Huffington
Founder, Thrive Global. It’s about more than sleep. It’s an attitude towards life we all can strive towards.

A Conversation with Dr. Dean Ornish, Director, Preventive Medicine Research Institute.

Health not Healthcare
Will tech help us stay healthier? Healthtech innovation is about achieving that at least as much as it is about treating disease. How will digital tools help, at both the patient and system level? What will it mean to invest in a patient-centric and connected healthcare ecosystem that is measured on its outcomes?

     Esther Dyson, Author, The Way to Wellville.
     Len Greer, President, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions.
     Additional speakers to be announced…

Finally: Headway with Cancer
Cancer is the second biggest killer in the United States. But enormous advances are being made in detection and treatment. Genomics is a critical new weapon made possible by tech. And how will AI, data analytics, precision medicine, and new ways of organizing treatement change the war on cancer?

    Dr. Jill Hagenkord, Chief Medical Officer, Color Genomics.
    Dr. Andrew Kung, Chair, Department of Pediatrics, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer     Center.
   Additional speakers to be announced…

Trumpcare, Obamacare and Health Innovation
Dan Munro, author of Casino Healthcare, on the challenges of American healthcare innovation. The U.S. spends more and gets less than any other developed country when it comes to health. But no matter how appealing an “Uber of healthcare” might be, we aren’t going to see such an insurgent upend America’s dysfunctional and absurdly expensive system of deeply entrenched payers and providers. On the horizon we can still glimpse the same compelling and workable alternative that every other developed nation has found: universal coverage. How do we get there?

A Conversation with Dr. Agnes Binagwaho
Former Minister of Health, Rwanda, and Co-Founder of the University of Global Health Equity, Kigali.

Artificial Intelligence for Genuine Health
An overview of the myriad ways that advances in AI and analytics are altering the way health care is delivered globally. Where are people likely to see the near-term impacts? What are the craziest possibilities on the horizon? Is it really possible that we will need fewer doctors in the future, or will adding AI to the mix simply mean our aspirations for what constitutes “health” become ever more ambitious?

    Walter de Brouwer,
    David Ewing Duncan, health and science journalist and CEO of Arc Fusion.
    Additional speakers to be announced…

Writing the Genome
Even though we can now “read” the human genome, we’re far from understanding it.Jef Boeke, Director, Institute for Systems Genetics, and Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Professor at NYU Langone Medical Center joins Nancy Kelly, Founding Executive Director of the New York Genome Center, to update us on a project they help lead called “Genome Project–Write.” It aims to move towards building organisms by starting with their genetic code, ultimately including humans. There are ethical and moral quandaries galore as we move from decoding the genome to writing, editing and enhancing it.

Additional Speakers Include:

  • Ron Gutman, CEO of Healthtap (doctors available online)
  • Dr. Robert Klitzman, Director of the Bioethics Masters Program, Columbia Medical School
  • Steve Krein, CEO of StartUp Health (incubator, investor, and nurturer of health startups)
  • Dr. Alex Nazem, CEO of Nomad Health (online platform for freelance doctors and nurses)
  • Mario Schlosser, CEO of Oscar (innovative health insurance online)
  • Seth Sternberg, CEO of Honor (making home health care work better)
  • Andrew Thompson, CEO of Proteus Digital Health (ingestible sensors)
  • Dr. Steven Zatz, CEO of WebMD (online medical information colossus)


Techonomy Health Schedule*
(*Subject to change)

8:45 AM   Registration Opens
9:00 AM   Morning Sessions
12:15 PM   Lunch
2:00 PM   Afternoon Sessions
5:30 PM   Reception


Techonomy Health is produced in conjunction with Techonomy NYC, taking place May 17 at Convene located in Midtown Manhattan, NY.