2015 Events

Program Overview

Techonomy Bio | March 25 | Computer History Museum Mountain View, CA

Techonomy Bio is a big-picture exploration of the global social and economic benefits driven by the rapid advances being made in the biological and life sciences. Powered by IT developments and spurred on by new collaborative and open-source thinking, these advances affect everything from manufacturing to medicine, food to fuel and business to buildings.

Join us as we dig deep into the accelerating impacts the tech-amplified life sciences are having on genomics and synthetic biology as well as the remarkable progress being made across agriculture, food and water, energy, healthcare, biotech and more.

Techonomy Policy | June 9 | Washington, DC

The need for the tech industry and Washington to better understand, engage and productively work together is crucial to the future of economic progress and social cohesion in our tech-enhanced, digitally enabled 21st century. As tech’s advances spread into virtually every sector of business, society and interaction, how do government and policy effectively keep up and respond? And as tech companies aggressively move into transportation, energy, education and other industries, how do they better understand how to (and why they should) work with policy and lawmakers?

Techonomy Detroit | September 16 | Detroit, MI

The impact of tech on competitiveness, jobs and urban revival will shape the agenda for our fourth annual one-day Techonomy Detroit conference as we continue our focus on the forces transforming America’s urban ecosystem. The social and economic evolution of our cities is being impacted everyday by tech-driven change in every aspect of how we live and work. Be it advances in transportation, education, healthcare or government, tech is enabling new tools to address the challenges and opportunities that will drive the business and social structures of our interconnected, urbanized future.

TE15 | November 8-10 | Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, CA

Our annual flagship conference isn’t a tech industry conference, it’s a conference about how technology is transforming and impacting everything else. We gather leaders from the business, tech, government, non-profit, private and public sectors as well as economists, journalists and others to discuss how tech is being used to drive social and economic change. Join us as we explore how technology is transforming and accelerating progress in business and society.


Speakers this past year included:

Mike McConnell (Booz Allen), Art Coviello (EMC), Stewart Brand (The Long Now Foundation), Drew Endy (Stanford), Eri Gentry (Institute for the Future), Steve Jurvetson (DFJ), Beth Seindenberg (Kleiner Perkins), and Floyd Romesberg (The Scripps Research Institute).

Jean Case (Case Foundation), Jack Dorsey (Square & Twitter), Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans),  Josh Linkner (Detroit Venture Partners), Beth Niblock (City of Detroit), Elizabeth Shuler (AFL-CIO), and Andrew Yang (Venture for America).

Marc Benioff (salesforce.com), Carl Bass (Autodesk), Genevieve Bell (Intel), Emily Chang (Bloomberg TV), Fadi Chehadé (ICANN), Scott Cook (Intuit), Dan Elron (Accenture), Barton Gellman (The Century Foundation), Reid Hoffman (Greylock Partners),  Deborah Hopkins (Citi Ventures), John Markoff (NY Times), David Miliband (IRC), Ray Ozzie (Talko), Jessica Rosenworcel (FCC), James Surowiecki (The New Yorker), Peter Thiel (Thiel Capital), Jeff Weiner (LinedIn), and Guy Wollaert (Coca-Cola Company).


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